2023 with Prime Minister Trudeau

A year in photos

Adam Scotti
15 min readDec 27, 2023
These photos did not make the cut but you can scroll down for those that did.

Putting this collection together each year can be daunting. Some years, the images seem stronger or more creative than others. And it can be challenging to encapsulate a whole year in this job into one cohesive photo story.

Nevertheless, it’s a good exercise for me to take stock of the previous 12 months and to continue to improve my photography. It always boggles my mind how much happened in any given year.

If 2022 felt relentless, 2023 said “hold my beer.” Or maybe I’m finally understanding that there’s no such thing as a normal or quiet month, let alone day.

President Obrador wanted to show President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau the historic elevator in the Presidential Palace. Little did anyone know, they would take it down to the ground floor and walk outside for a minute. President Biden was thoroughly entertained by this impromptu moment, his security detail considerably less so. Mexico City. 2023/01/10
Mexico City. 2023/01/10
Windsor. 2023/01/17
Drive a car with an X-Box controller? You’ve won him over before even setting foot inside. Trois-Rivières. 2023/01/18
The first months of any year contain a lot of briefings and discussion on budget items. Ottawa. 2023/01/26
Prime Minister Trudeau removes the table cloth ahead of a dinner with the King of Jordan. I’m sure it goes against some protocol, but the PM wanted a more homey feel to their dinner. Ottawa. 2023/01/26
Ottawa. 2023/02/01
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Council of the Federation Chair Heather Stefanson ahead of a First Minister’s meeting on healthcare. Ottawa. 2023/02/06
First Ministers’ Conference prep in West Block. Ottawa. 2023/02/06
Each Premier and their team was given documents onsite at the start of the First Ministers’ Conference. Ottawa. 2023/02/07
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with ministers between sessions at the First Ministers’ Conference in Ottawa. 2023/02/07
I tried telling people it was ok that the PM had his beer on the podium at Senator Dawson’s retirement party. He promptly took it back. Ottawa. 2023/02/07
A vigil to remember two children who died when a bus ran into a daycare centre in Laval. 2023/02/09
Whitehorse. 2023/02/12
Kids will be kids. Whitehorse. 2023/02/13
Prime Minister Trudeau is briefed about another balloon over Canadian and American airspace. The balloon was shot down shortly after by the United States. Whitehorse. 2023/02/13
Nassau, Bahamas. 2023/02/15
Press Secretary Ann-Clara Vaillancourt takes notes during a press conference in Nassau, Bahamas. 2023/02/16
Often, the setting of or the before and after of the family photo is more interesting than the photo intended by organizers. Nassau, Bahamas. 2023/02/16
Staff set up a press conference in Richmond Hill. 2023/02/22
Prime Minister Trudeau is helped by aide James Armbruster as he calls into a parent-teacher conference from Halifax. 2023/02/23
Toronto. 2023/02/24
Winnipeg. 2023/03/03
Not all meetings between leaders happen in boardrooms. We often settle for the closest quiet place. Here with President von der Leyen in Kingston. 2023/03/07
Chief of Staff Katie Telford returns to her office after a Cabinet meeting in West Block. Ottawa. 2023/03/09
Comedian Mary Walsh dressed as her Marg Delahunty, Princess Warrior, persona stops Prime Minister Trudeau on his way into the House of Commons. Ottawa. 2023/03/09
That hybrid life. Ottawa. 2023/03/10
Minister Champagne informs Prime Minister Trudeau of Volkswagen’s choice to build a battery manufacturing plant in Canada. Montréal. 2023/03/13
Montréal. 2023/03/13
Ukrainian-born Michelin employee, Nataliia Belcher, thanks Prime Minister Trudeau for his support of Ukraine. Bridgewater. 2023/03/14
Prime Minister Trudeau gives comedian Mark Critch a snowboarding lesson for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Clarenville. 2023/03/15

When an American President stops by for ice cream.

Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Beer check. Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Ottawa. 2023/03/23
The Bidens check out family photos on the fridge. Ottawa. 2023/03/23
White House photographer Adam Schultz knocks over a lantern as he tries to get past Sophie and into the motorcade. The PM turns to me to ask why we didn’t let them know Schultz needed to get by. All of this made for a good laugh that I don’t think the boss will ever let Schultz live down. Ottawa. 2023/03/23
Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden speak with Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Ottawa. 2023/03/24
Ottawa. 2023/03/24
Friends, family and supporters of the victims gather in Truro to hear the findings from the Mass Casualty Commission inquiry. 2023/03/30
Prime Minister Trudeau stops by Maryam Monsef and Matt DeCourcey’s home to meet their baby in Peterborough. 2023/04/06
A quick change of plans had us in Montréal to view first hand the damage caused by an ice storm. 2023/04/06
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with then-Clerk Janice Charette and Chief of Staff Katie Telford in between meetings in West Block. Ottawa. 2023/04/18
Prime Minister Trudeau and President von der Leyen reposition chairs at the start of their meeting in New York City. 2023/04/27
Prime Minister Trudeau checks in on Mike Myers during a reception at the official residence in New York City. Mike being an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan, we made sure to have the Leafs playoff game on during the reception. 2023/04/27
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with King Charles III during a virtual call ahead of the coronation. Ottawa. 2023/05/02
Visiting the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing is more of a circuit sprint for staff than an actual meeting. Squat beneath the photographers to get the iconic front door arrival, sprint to the side door, down a hall, up some stairs, try to steady your camera for the bilateral meeting, catch your breath, repeat process on the way out. Thankfully for me they carried on with their meeting as they walked out at a slower pace than normal and I was able to get something a little different than previous visits. London, United Kingdom. 2023/05/06
This is the Airbus without a suite, so we have sheets for curtains instead. Ottawa. 2023/05/07
I am often asked “what is your favourite place that you have visited?” and often disappoint people with my answer: “Canada.” They are always looking for me to answer with some far away foreign land. We are very lucky in this job to go to many places in Canada. To get to Nain we flew to Goosebay, and then took a helicopter. Beautiful vistas made all the more wonderful by an amazing community of people with a rich history and connection to the land. Nain. 2023/05/12
Nain. 2023/05/12
Couldn’t tell who was more popular on the visit — the Prime Minister or Hadrien. Nain. 2023/05/12
Kids started asking the PM to sign a piece of paper, and then it soon turned into signing shirts, phone cases and boots. Nain. 2023/05/12
Seoul, South Korea. 2023/05/16
Seoul, South Korea. 2023/05/17
Prime Minister Trudeau and Speaker of the Korean National Assembly Kim Jin-pyo share a laugh at the start of their meeting as they try to even out their heights for photographers. I later discovered that there’s a name for this in South Korea: manner legs. Seoul, South Korea. 2023/05/17
Official photographers Filippo Attili (Italy), Soazig de La Moissonnière (France) and Adam Schultz (USA) run between photo locations at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. 2023/05/19
G7 Leaders dinner. Miyajima island, Japan. 2023/05/19
Prime Minister Meloni shows leaders the damage caused by flooding back in Italy. Hiroshima, Japan. 2023/05/19
He loves maps. Miyajima island-Hiroshima Ferry, Japan. 2023/05/19
Scenes from a G7. Hiroshima, Japan. 2023/05/19
Access was a bit of an issue at this summit. The PM is looking at me and smiling in this photo as he could overhear my lively conversation with protocol. Hiroshima. 2023/05/20
Things escalated on the photo restriction front. Unfortunate for those of us wanting to document the story of the summit whether media or official photographers. Hiroshima. 2023/05/20
Hiroshima, Japan. 2023/05/21
Leaders sit down with President Zelenskyy in the Leaders’ Lounge ahead of a more formal meeting. Hiroshima, Japan. 2023/05/20
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference David Johnston in 80 Wellington. Ottawa. 2023/05/23
Winnipeg. 2023/05/24
Forest fire smoke struck Ottawa for several days this summer. Ottawa. 2023/06/07
When I heard we were at the same event as drag queen Monét X Change, I knew there was one thing I had to do — find a sponge and get the boss to give it to Monét. This is a Ru Paul’s Drag Race reference I do not need to get into here. Toronto. 2023/06/08
Prime Minister Trudeau takes a call on RCAF01 Airbus and writes a note to the team around him that David Johnston resigned as Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference. Ottawa to Poland. 2023/06/09
Kyiv, Ukraine 2023/06/10
Kyiv, Ukraine 2023/06/10
RCAF01 Airbus. Poland to Ottawa. 2023/06/11
It is always fun to surprise people when they visit Parliament Hill. Ottawa. 2023/06/15
Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney shows Prime Minister Trudeau a replica of the Prime Minister’s office as it was when he was in office — complete with photos from my father, Bill McCarthy, who was his photographer. Antigonish. 2023/06/19
Prime Minister Trudeau shows former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney the House of Commons’ virtual voting app. Antigonish. 2023/06/19
Antigonish. 2023/06/19
Prime Minister Trudeau insisted on getting a photo of Mr. Mulroney and I for my father. Mr. Mulroney stopped me a few times during the day to share a laugh as he kept thinking “Billy” was around seeing me out of the corner of his eye. Antigonish. 2023/06/19 Photo Credits: 1: Justin Trudeau 2: Jacob Manning
Walking between the 80 Wellington office and the West Block office. Ottawa. 2023/06/23
Prime Minister Trudeau reviews his Canada Day script ahead of a video recording in West Block. Ottawa. 2023/06/23
I told myself there was a 60 per cent chance he could not pass up these swings in Ahuntsic Park. Montréal. 2023/06/23
Montréal. 2023/06/24
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with President Biden during a phone call on a ferry to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. Advisors listen in as silent partners. 2023/06/25
Not all leaders are accustomed to official photographers, nor are they accustomed to totally ignoring us. Prime Minister Trudeau sometimes tries to put them at ease by saying how long we have been working together — going on 12 years this year. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. 2023/06/25
Prime Minister Trudeau snaps a photo to send to his kids during a boat ride in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. 2023/06/25
This friendly face welcomed us aboard RCAF Challangers and Airbuses around the world for years. It was pure joy to see Karen Boot promoted on her final flight with us. RCAF01 Airbus Reykjavík, Iceland to Ottawa. 2023/06/26
Prime Minister Trudeau reviews briefing notes at the Canada Reception Centre before a flight. Ottawa. 2023/06/28
Canada Day. Ottawa. 2023/07/01
Montréal. 2023/07/05
Another part of the travelling team are the great people in the Privy Council’s Tour Team. They make sure we have everything the Prime Minister needs in terms of audio visual and office support. We cannot thank them enough for their help. Montréal. 2023/07/05
The bright windows and the orange light make for tricky photos on the plane but I try to make it work. RCAF01 Airbus Ottawa to Riga, Latvia. 2023/07/10
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with NZ Prime Minister Hipkins as aides listen in during the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2023/07/11
We rarely have time in a schedule to get out of a summit site or the hotel, but we always hope to squeeze in a run at least once on a foreign trip. Vilnius, Lithuania. 2023/07/11
Organizers install the Ukrainian flag ahead of a special meeting between NATO leaders and President Zelenskyy during the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. 2023/07/12
Vilnius, Lithuania. 2023/07/12
With a new plane on the way for VIP and troop transport, I figured I would do some images of the VIP cabin. Fun Fact: the Royals also use this plane when they visit Canada and the flight wing operating the plane have a very cool guest book. RCAF01 Airbus. Vilnius, Lithuania to Ottawa. 2023/07/13
Ottawa. 2023/07/14
An avid reader himself, Prime Minister Trudeau loves asking people what they are reading and comparing notes. Halifax. 2023/07/17
Photographers just can’t pass up fun shots like this. Halifax. 2023/07/17
Hadrien sneaks some candy from a snack basket on the plane as his dad takes a quick nap. RCAF01 Challenger Toronto to Ottawa. 2023/07/18
Toronto. 2023/07/22
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Clerk of the Privy Council John Hannaford in the kitchen at Rideau Cottage. Ottawa. 2023/07/25
Prime Minister Trudeau offers Cabinet positions to MPs during a shuffle. Ottawa. 2023/07/25
Minister LeBlanc uses the bible his father used when being sworn in as Governor General. Ottawa. 2023/07/26
A rare quiet moment between engagements during the swearing-in at Rideau Hall. Ottawa. 2023/07/26
Prime Minister Trudeau banged his head on a dock trying to surprise his kids and got the bandaid to prove it. Hamilton. 2023/07/31
Prime Minister Trudeau recreates surprising the kids before he bonked his head on a dock. Hamilton. 2023/07/31
Toronto. 2023/07/31
Prime Minister Trudeau and staff review a press release in his 80 Wellington office. Ottawa. 2023/08/02
Prime Minister Trudeau takes a few minutes to play with a kid in the hotel lobby before a Cabinet meeting in Charlottetown. 2023/08/22
Charlottetown. 2023/08/23
Forest fire smoke in the Rockies seen from the plane. RCAF01 Challenger Ottawa to Kelowna. 2023/08/25
Kelowna. 2023/08/25
Vancouver. 2023/08/25
Prime Minister Trudeau races staff up the stairs during a layover in Tokyo, Japan. 2023/09/04
Dinner with staff. Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023/09/05
Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023/09/06
Staff look at a host-provided shirt for the PM ahead of a gala dinner later that day. Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023/09/06
Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023/09/06
New Delhi, India. 2023/09/08
Ahead of the G20, Prime Minister Trudeau is updated on the intelligence reports regarding the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar earlier in the year in Surrey, British Columbia. New Delhi, India. 2023/09/08
New Delhi, India. 2023/09/09
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Prime Minister Sunak, one topic being top of mind. New Delhi, India. 2023/09/09
If I were to photograph this ceremony, I would not have made it back in time for the bilateral meetings due to weird rules by summit hosts — so I photographed it from the media centre as best I could. New Delhi, India. 2023/09/10
A security official does a final sweep before a bilateral meeting. New Delhi, India. 2023/09/10
Prime Minister Modi looks on as Prime Minister Trudeau walks in for their meeting. Photographers were allowed to be present for only a very short time. I found this image to be more insightful into the unfolding diplomatic situation than both leaders sitting down for a photo spray. New Delhi, India. 2023/09/10
New Delhi, India. 2023/09/10
The aurora borealis seen from RCAF01 Airbus. New Delhi to Ottawa. 2023/09/12
Prime Minister Trudeau and staff review a statement on the suspected involvement of Indian officials in Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s murder in Surrey, British Columbia. Ottawa. 2023/09/18
Ottawa. 2023/09/18
Ottawa. 2023/09/18
“Over the past number of weeks, Canadian security agencies have been actively pursuing credible allegations of a potential link between agents of the Government of India and the killing of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar.” Ottawa. 2023/09/18
One official photographer, and a dozen staffers with cell phones. Classic. New York City. 2023/09/20
New York City. 2023/09/20
Prime Minister Trudeau addresses the United Nations Security Council during the debate on Ukraine. New York City. 2023/09/20
Media advance and Parliament Hill legend Terry Guillon gives the thumbs up to indicate President Zelenskyy is on his way. Ottawa. 2023/09/22
Ottawa. 2023/09/22
Ottawa. 2023/09/22
I was out of place, in a rush and had the wrong settings on my camera. After a quick adjustment, I settled for whatever I could get and think it turned out well enough. Ottawa. 2023/09/22
Prime Minister Trudeau and President Zelenskyy take a quiet moment after meeting the family of Anthony Ihnat. Anthony was a Canadian aid worker killed in Ukraine during the war with Russia. Ottawa. 2023/09/22
Waiting backstage before a rally in support of Ukraine. Toronto. 2023/09/22
Toronto. 2023/09/22
President Zelenskyy’s security was understandably tight, so we did the best we could to get what we needed but also ensure the two leaders met as many people as possible. Toronto. 2023/09/22
Toronto. 2023/09/22
Brampton. 2023/09/29
Scarborough. 2023/09/29
Scarborough. 2023/09/29
La Ronge. 2023/09/30
Members of Parliament congratulate newly elected Speaker of the House of Commons Greg Fergus. Ottawa. 2023/10/03
Ottawa. 2023/10/04
David Morrison, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, updates the Prime Minister and staff about India’s looming expulsion of Canadian diplomats. Ottawa. 2023/10/04
It is always fun to see what people turn up with when they hope to meet the PM. Photos from years earlier are always my favourite as I try to remember if I was there or not. Kitchener-Waterloo. 2023/10/06
Yellowknife. 2023/10/11
Prime Minister Trudeau visits Hay River to view damage from forest fires and meet with community members. 2023/10/11
It was a year of many secure briefings with different access restrictions. I found the before and after always the more interesting moments save for a few reaction photos here and there during the meetings. Visually, people tend to allow themselves to be more candid and telling as soon as a meeting ends. Ottawa. 2023/10/13
Prime Minister Trudeau’s glasses sit on a briefing note of visiting Caribbean leaders during the Canada-CARICOM Summit. Ottawa. 2023/10/18
Ottawa. 2023/10/18
Ottawa. 2023/10/18
Prime Minister Trudeau and Barbados Prime Minister Mottley have dinner in Toronto. 2023/10/18
Prime Minister Trudeau visits a mosque in Etobicoke. 2023/10/20
Prime Minister Trudeau and National Security Advisor Jody Thomas meet with opposition leaders regarding the Israel-Hamas war. Ottawa. 2023/10/26
Prime Minister Trudeau meets with the family members of those kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th. Ottawa. 2023/10/30
I have years worth of Parliamentary Issues Advisors putting briefing binders together on any floor space they can find. Ottawa. 2023/11/02
Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden have a pull aside at the White House before the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity Leaders’ Summit. Washington D.C. 2023/11/03
Sault Ste. Marie. 2023/11/10
Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister O’Regan record videos for social media at the UA Local 740 Training Centre. Mount Pearl. 2023/11/23
Did you really visit St John’s if you didn’t happen to run into local legend Alan Doyle? St John’s. 2023/11/23
Pickering. 2023/11/30
Pickering. 2023/11/30
Somebody dug deep in their library when they heard the PM was coming to Pickering. 2023/11/30
Markham. 2023/12/01
Minister Joly updates Prime Minister Trudeau on developments in the Middle East. Ottawa. 2023/12/04
PCO Tour members remove the podium after the Prime Minister’s remarks before he greets the diplomatic corps during a holiday party. Ottawa. 2023/12/04
Prime Minister Trudeau wishes Minister Gould a happy holiday as she heads home one last time before going on maternity leave. Ottawa. 2023/12/13
Katie Telford checks in with Prime Minister Trudeau at the end of the day. Ottawa. 2023/12/13
Faith leaders exchange contact information after an interfaith meeting in Vancouver. 2023/12/14
Outgoing Tour Director, Susan Menchini, brings her kids by the 80 Wellington office. Ottawa. 2023/12/18
Skaters look on as Prime Minister Trudeau tapes a year-end interview with Radio Canada in Montréal. 2023/12/20

Side projects

A few examples of miscellaneous things I look for on the road to hopefully turn into a series.

These photos are from my Papershoot camera. Not much thicker than a wallet, it fits in any pocket. The joy comes in not seeing what you get until you plug the SD card into your computer. I liken using it to a personal journal — photos purely for myself of things I don’t want to overthink or lug a big camera around for. Bonus — my daughter loves using it and reviewing the photos days or weeks later.

Nerd stuff — Storage and archiving

Due to storage constraints, I do two rounds of deleting images as I narrow down what to edit and archive. One on my camera, the second on my computer. Using the “protect” function, I mark all the photos for saving on my camera before erasing the rest. Once on my computer, I sort through the remainder in Adobe Lightroom.

In all, I’ve filed around 28,000 photos — meaning I have personally captured, edited and captioned each one. This is a slight increase over last year’s 24,000. Being a one person show, I try my best to caption the images as thoroughly as possible and tag them with peoples’ names for archiving and future research purposes.

We maintain folders for each one of the MPs and Ministers in the government, as well as specific folders for staff (PCO, Senior Staff and PMO), Security (RCMP/Canadian Forces, Parliament) and support staff. (note: please remember to download all your photos!)

Raw and jpegs are stored on both LaCie Rugged drives that I shelve once filled, and multiple RAID units in different locations. It is not a backup if you only have one copy.

(Evergreen side note: please never accuse a photographer of not sharing photos. What a horrible business model that would be. Always ask the organizers to share, they have received them!).

Nerd stuff — Gear

My regular equipment is as follows: 2 Sony a9ii, 1 Sony a7Riv, Sony 16–35 f2.8, Sony 24–70 f2.8, Sony 70–200 f2.8.

The a9’s ability to shoot silently has been a game changer enabling me to capture even more candid moments. It is shocking how loud mechanical shutters now seem to me. Two memory card slots are essential because we live in fear of something messing up. Raw files to one card, lower res jpegs to the second.

Newer cameras have been announced but for the time being I don’t see much need in upgrading.

Hopefully I can service my father’s old Leica lenses one day to try my hand with those, but that may be retirement project further down the line. I have bought different adapters to put them on my non-Leica bodies over the years but it just isn’t the same.

Photographers are often asked what is their favourite photo they have taken. Honestly, we may have a favourite photo for a split second, but it is the drive to get the next best image that keeps us going back for more.

Misc travel lessons and tips

Two tips from my father: the front seat of any staff vehicle should be the photographer’s — you travel with the most gear and you often need to be present for whatever arrival greeting. Second tip: nap when you can. Long days mean sleep is a precious commodity. Both tips are as true in now as they were in 1988.

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin’s photographer, Dave Chan, gave me another great tip: When you get on the Airbus, sit on the ‘bench’ and make it your spot. He was right — the couches turn into beds and are life-saving on around-the-world trips.

Some days start before breakfast places open and go long after room service ends in the evening. I pack a few granola bars and a few Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese packs for whenever I get back to the hotel late at night — add boiling water and you are eating a meal within 12 minutes. As silly as it seems, not waiting at a restaurant or for meal delivery means you can get to bed sooner to maximize 5–6 hours of sleep before doing it all over again.

Two must haves on the road for me personally are my Kobo and gym clothes. Books help pass the time in between meetings and on flights whenever I am caught up on my editing. The gym or running are key to keeping energy levels up and avoiding that mid afternoon slump — I often drink decaf coffee for the same reasons as crazy as that sounds.

Not to mention the other essentials like chargers, an external battery for phones, charging cables, etc.

It is an running joke that I say I’ll go out with the team for dinner at the end of any given day but never show up. After 12–16 hour days and being around people constantly, I need a little bit of quiet with a book. If I do go out, I will likely bring my book just the same.

Departures and Arrivals

James Armbruster left the post of Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister. May his next gig afford him as many naps.
Mark Kachuck has taken over from James seamlessly.
Alex Tétreault was the first photographer to join me full time in the office and will be missed. He provided much needed support, friendly competition and fresh eyes in this weird political world we find ourselves in.
Welcome Lars Hagberg to the photo team!

Thank yous

In my immediate office, I work alongside photographer Lars Hagberg and videographer Akshay Grover.

Our social media wizards are Riley Lange and Jordan Collacutt.

On a day-to-day basis, I work closest with the PM’s assistants, Phil Proulx and Mark Kachuck and Katie Telford’s assistants, Sarah Jackson(departed) and Katie Poirier(departed) and their successors Elsa Niyongabo and Jackie Lee.

Katie Telford, Chief of Staff, and Cameron Ahmad (departed)/now Vanessa Hage-Moussa, Director of Communications, are my direct bosses. Thankfully they are very supportive of my work and give me a lot of room to do my own thing.

The Prime Minister’s office feels like a small family with many moving parts. Advance, planning, scheduling, communications, issues management — I pester everyone with questions so I can stay on top of what is going on and what is on the horizon. Thank you all for putting up with me.

I often joke that I see members of the Prime Minister’s Protective Detail more than I see my own family. We spend hours on planes, trains, and automobiles together, not to mention hallways and waiting rooms. Thank you for all the help and for all the laughs along the way.

Ottawa airport chauffeuring services provided by Bill McCarthy. Thanks, Bill (dad), for the countless lessons, stories and laughs along the way.

A special thank you to the team and new friends I have made at CrossFit Bytown. I don’t consider myself a CrossFitter but I do love the new challenges that await each time I walk in — it is an hour to disconnect before going back to the real world.

If you have made it this far and are curious what previous year-in-reviews looked like: 2020, 2021, 2022.

Finally, cheers to PMJT for a great 12 years. I consider my first real assignment with him being the 2011 federal election, followed by an increasing number of assignments such as a boxing match, a leadership campaign and trips across Canada as Liberal leader before signing on full time in 2014.