Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: A photographic year in review

Photos by Adam Scotti

Remember when the biggest news story was the PM keeping his holiday beard? Ah, simpler times, eh?
PM Trudeau leaves his office after being updated regarding flight PS752. The clenched fist really stands out to me. Ottawa. 2020/01/08
Ottawa. 2020/01/08
Waiting for a call with President Trump, Chief of Staff Katie Telford checks her phone. 2020/01/08
One of the many Incident Response Group (IRG) meetings. Ottawa. 2020/01/09
Ottawa. 2020/01/09
Ottawa. 2020/01/09
Ottawa. 2020/01/09
Ottawa. 2020/01/09
A meeting room at a hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario. PM Trudeau met with families of the victims of PS752 throughout the day. 2020/01/10
Richmond Hill. 2020/01/10
Ottawa. 2020/01/11
PM Trudeau speaks with former PM Jean Chrétien. Ottawa. 2020/01/17
PM Trudeau catches up with Members of Parliament and staff following their return to Ottawa. 2020/01/22
Ottawa. 2020/01/22.
IRG meeting. Ottawa. 2020/01/27
The House of Commons pauses for a moment of silence in memory of the victims of PS752. 2020/01/27
Minister of Health Patty Hajdu updates the PM. Ottawa. 2020/01/28
One series I always look forward to working on is documenting the places where we manage to squeeze in a run. Barcelona fuel stop. 2020/02/07
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 2020/02/08
President of the European Council Charles Michel compliments the PM on the beard. A surreal photo to look back on before COVID-19 loomed over all human interaction. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 2020/02/09
PM Trudeau helps out advisor Patrick Travers by tying his shoelace. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 2020/02/10
Too many bilateral meetings to count. I try to keep myself busy by finding different ways to photograph the same room. We are all exhausted after a day like this. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 2020/02/10
The PM’s Executive Assistant, Phil Proulx, in many of the different waiting areas on our trip to Ethiopia, Kuwait, Senegal and Germany.
PM Trudeau is briefed aboard RCAF01, flying from Ethiopia to Kuwait. 2020/02/10
Kuwait. 2020/02/10
Kuwait. 2020/02/10
Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time at a photo op and get pushed out before we can get a clear image — these are always more fun than the photo we are expected to take. Kuwait. 2020/02/10
Kuwait. 2020/02/11
Dakar, Senegal. 2020/02/12
Dakar, Senegal. 2020/02/12
Dakar, Senegal. 2020/02/12
Speechwriter Gabrielle Cesvet was always fun to watch as the PM delivered a speech she had written. Dakar, Senegal. 2020/02/13
Kéri, Senegal. 2020/02/13
PM Trudeau takes a phone call on RCAF01. 2020/02/14
Munich, Germany. 2020/02/14
No matter how many speech revisions you do, there are always more changes. Blessing and a curse for those who write for a teacher. Munich, Germany. 2020/02/14
My first day back in the office (minus a week-long trip to Africa) after my daughter was born. Here she is checking out the place. Ottawa. 2020/03/02
Handshakes, remember those? Halifax. 2020/03/03
If you have never been to a citizenship ceremony, go. We are lucky to be Canadian. Here, PM Trudeau makes a surprise appearance at one in Wolfville, NS. 2020/03/03
Montreal. 2020/03/04
Old photos can take on new meaning. It was recently revealed that Rogers is considering tearing down the iconic Skydome. Toronto. 2020/03/09
Dad jokes never fail. Ottawa. 2020/03/09
Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Doctor Theresa Tam. Ottawa. 2020/03/11
Ottawa. 2020/03/11
Lunch meetings. Ottawa. 2020/03/11
One of my last photos from a packed House of Commons. Ottawa. 2020/03/11
Last photo of the PM in the office before he enters self isolation. Ottawa. 2020/03/11
Katie Telford reacts to news that the prime minister’s wife, Sophie, tested positive for COVID-19. Ottawa. 2020/03/12
PM Trudeau walks back into his house, Rideau Cottage, and isolation following a press conference. Ottawa. 2020/03/13
Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez puts forward a motion to suspend the House of Commons due to concerns about COVID-19. Ottawa. 2020/03/13
Ottawa at rush hour following a province-wide lockdown. 2020/03/16
Ottawa. 2020/03/16
With the PM in isolation, staff listen in on a G7 leaders call. Ottawa. 2020/03/16
Ottawa. 2020/03/16
Speechwriter Gabrielle Cesvet prepares for the long haul. Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Doctor Tam before a Cabinet meeting in West Block. Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Ottawa. 2020/03/17
What would normally be packed locations during St. Patrick’s Day in Ottawa. 2020/03/17
Ottawa. 2020/03/23
Laps around Rideau Cottage during isolation. Ottawa. 2020/04/06
First day back in the office means he had a lot of paperwork to bring back with him. Ottawa. 2020/04/08
A socially distant House of Commons. Ottawa. 2020/04/11
Waiting to go out for another press conference outside of Rideau Cottage. Ottawa. 2020/04/16
Lunch at Rideau Cottage. Ottawa. 2020/04/16
A G7 meeting without the travel. Ottawa. 2020/04/16
PM Trudeau speaks with RCMP officer Chad Morrison who was injured during the manhunt in Nova Scotia. Ottawa. 2020/04/20
Ottawa. 2020/04/22
Prime Minister Trudeau calls families of the victims in Nova Scotia from his home office at Rideau Cottage. Ottawa. 2020/04/22
Sometimes photos line up just right. Ottawa. 2020/04/22
Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance informs PM Trudeau about a Canadian Forces helicopter crash as Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan looks on. Ottawa. 2020/04/30
Ottawa. 2020/04/30
TV recording took on a new look with distanced tech support and no audience members. Montreal. 2020/05/03
Repatriation of fallen Canadian Armed Forces members. Trenton. 2020/05/06
Ottawa. 2020/05/08
A rare outing outside of the office to meet with public health staff and contact tracers in Ottawa. 2020/05/14
Ottawa. 2020/05/15
We all needed a haircut by now. Ottawa. 2020/05/20
Tech support. Ottawa. 2020/05/28
Ottawa. 2020/05/29
Black Lives Matter. Ottawa. 2020/06/05
A graduation like no other for the class of 2020. Ottawa. 2020/06/05
Between photographing and editing, glimpses of a television is the only news I get from outside of my immediate surroundings. Ottawa. 2020/06/11
I maxed out my creativity for the week and turned to “zoomers” for a different take. Ottawa.
Workplace essentials. Ottawa. 2020/06/18
Gatineau. 2020/06/24
Once a teacher, always a teacher. I know better than to ask him to edit my captions. Ottawa. 2020/06/25
Ottawa. 2020/06/26
Ottawa. 2020/07/29
PM Trudeau knocks before entering Governor General Julie Payette’s office at Rideau Hall. Ottawa. 2020/08/18
Ottawa. 2020/08/18
The Tent Room at Rideau Hall. Ottawa. 2020/08/18
Ottawa. 2020/08/18
Podium prep. Brockville. 2020/08/21
A visit to the National Research Council of Canada’s facility in Montreal ahead of announcing COVID-19 vaccine procurement and production plans. 2020/08/31
Ottawa. 2020/09/03
Ottawa. 2020/09/10
With more than 100 flights in a normal year, you stop looking out the window because you are working or trying to catch up on sleep. Suddenly I found myself enjoying every minute of what few flights we had this year. Watershed 144. 2020/09/11
Ottawa. 2020/09/14
The PM often paces on phone calls and it only took me five years to figure out a way to capture it properly. Ottawa. 2020/09/14
Wear. A. Mask. Members of Cabinet show off their masks. Ottawa. 2020/09/15
Deputy Prime Minister Freeland often sports running shoes between events. Ottawa. 2020/09/15
Never ending days in a never ending year. Ottawa. 2020/09/15
You see an artsy photo, I see a photographer tired of running ahead. Ottawa. 2020/09/21
Speech from the Throne 2019 vs 2020. Ottawa. 2020/09/23
The ongoing reality in the House of Commons. Ottawa. 2020/09/23
PM Trudeau takes a few minutes to reflect prior to addressing the nation on the state of COVID-19 in Canada. Ottawa. 2020/09/23
Ottawa. 2020/09/23
Ottawa. 2020/09/25
My daughter as she tries to sneak up on the boss. Ottawa. 2020/09/28
Ottawa. 2020/09/28
The various floors of West Block. Ottawa. 2020/09/30
Balance, right? Ottawa. 2020/09/30
Communion in the time of COVID. Toronto. 2020/10/06
Former Prime Minister John Turner, June 7, 1929 — September 19, 2020. Toronto. 2020/10/06
I still try to find a new photo each day, even five years in. Ottawa. 2020/10/13
I don’t know why I am so entertained by people calling into press conferences, but I love it. Ottawa. 2020/10/13
A double exposure image as I continued to try out new ideas. Ottawa. 2020/10/20
And then I got out the monopod, stood on a chair and prayed my camera wouldn’t fall. Ottawa. 2020/10/29
Ottawa. 2020/11/02
Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Bains goes into his regeneration alcove. A Scotti cannot pass up the chance for a Star Trek reference. Ottawa. 2020/11/02
Ottawa. 2020/11/06
Ottawa. 2020/11/09
PM Trudeau speaks with President Elect Joe Biden. Ottawa. 2020/11/09
Sometimes the light is just right. Ottawa. 2020/11/09
Ottawa. 2020/11/09
Ottawa. 2020/11/10
A very different Remembrance Day ceremony as access was limited and crowds were discouraged from gathering. Ottawa. 2020/11/11
Ottawa. 2020/11/11
Ottawa. 2020/11/11
Event appearances and “backstage” look like this now. Ottawa. 2020/11/16
Ottawa. 2020/11/17
Ottawa. 2020/11/17
Ottawa. 2020/11/18
Question period prep. Ottawa. 2020/11/18
Walking to the National Press Theatre. Ottawa. October-November 2020.
To file under weird things we are given — the PM tries on a face mask and an eye mask with his likeness on them. Ottawa. 2020/11/19
PM Trudeau returned to working from Rideau Cottage as COVID-19 numbers across Canada began to rise again. Ottawa. 2020/11/24
You don’t see many photos from cabinet due to cabinet confidentiality rules. Here is an image I captured between sessions. Ottawa. 2020/12/03
Intergovernmental meeting with provincial and territorial leaders. Ottawa. 2020/12/10
It is really nice to leave the office / the media tent at Rideau Cottage. Ottawa. 2020/12/11
You’d think year-end interview season would be easier without the travel. Ha! Let’s do the interviews outside in -15C! Ottawa. 2020/12/14
Ministers and officials check their phones on a break from a marathon cabinet meeting. Ottawa. 2020/12/14
PM Trudeau visits Ottawa’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic. 2020/12/15
One of Ottawa’s first vials of the COVID-19 vaccine. Ottawa. 2020/12/15
Ottawa. 2020/12/16
Sometimes I think I am clever. Ottawa. 2020/12/17
Happy holiday video conferencing to all. 2020/12/17

For the photo geeks and the curious:

Photo by Patrick Woodbury (thanks Pat!)

Storage and archiving


The rolling shutter of the mirrorless EOS R means you get this banding when in silent mode depending on your light source. Unfortunately you do not realize this until after you have taken the photos — and in our line of work, there is never a “redo”.

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